Our Team

Coastal Music Studios is proud to have a team of working music professionals who excel in teaching and coaching our students.

Pam Allen | Piano & Education Director

Pam Allen

An educator at heart, Miss Pam is our lead instructor here at Coastal Music Studios. With a Bachelors in Music Education and over 35 years experience teaching music, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better music teacher.

Along with 15+ years of professional touring experience, Pam is also a published songwriter, accomplished classical pianist, orchestral & choral conductor, arranger, recording artist, humanitarian and Mom to 5 kids.

As owner of Coastal Music Studios, Pam now has the opportunity to pour all of her passions into one beautiful endeavor. Living near the beach along with combining her love for music and teaching and people into one space is beyond fulfilling…it’s a a dream come true.

Andy Allen | Band Coach & Event Production

Andy Allen

Andy toured extensively as an Indie Recording Artist and Songwriter for more than 20 years. He recorded 3 albums, traveled internationally, worked as a producer, studio-session singer, in Artist Development, Performance Coaching and serves as a World Vision Artist Associate. While Andy has spent most of his career as a performing artist, his work has increasingly led towards building into other artists and musicians.

Starting Coastal Music Studios with his wife, Pam, has been the perfect opportunity to help inspire the next generation of musicians and creatives. Andy continues to record, travel and perform in addition to running Coastal Music Studios.

Miss Liz | Piano

Miss Liz

It’s impressive when someone is not only great at their craft, but also a fantastic educator…so get ready to be impressed with Miss Liz!

Liz studied Piano Performance and Music Therapy while getting her BA in Music Education from Arizona State University. She’s been playing piano for 25 years and teaching for the past six.

Not only is Liz an award-winning pianist, she also plays the Oboe, Clarinet and Saxophone. In high school she became a Drum Major and led the Marching Band to State…yeah, she’s got cool trophies and stuff.

Performance has also been a key part of Liz’s journey. She’s played for and accompanied a host of performing choirs, ensembles, student showcases and musicals like Fiddler On The Roof, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, and The Sound of Music.

Liz is a kind, patient and incredibly proficient educator. We’re fortunate to have her on our team and confident you’ll love taking lessons with her.

Mr. Greg | Guitar, Bass & Ukulele

Mr. Greg

Sometimes you meet someone and you just have to take some time and get to know them…that’s how we feel about our very own Mr. Greg…or Schmitty as we affectionately refer to him.

Greg is a dedicated and educated pro. Fluent on the guitar from Classical to Jazz to Punk to Metal to Indie-Rock to Funk. Not to mention he’s kind of a music theory nerd. It’s just downright impressive.

He’s been playing guitar for 23 years and holds a BA of Music & Mathematics from UC Santa Barbara…so yeah…he’s like crazy-smart and stuff.

His performance experience spans years of playing solo shows and in Jazz Combos to Afro-Brazilian & Middle Eastern Ensembles and rockin’ out in a Punk Band.

Students love Mr. Greg’s paced and patient approach to teaching and sharing a laid-back laugh about the quirkiness of life. If you’re thinking about learning to play guitar, you’ll love taking lessons with Mr. Greg!

Mr. David | Guitar, Bass, Drums & Ukulele

Mr. David

You ever meet one of those people who is just so ridiculously talented that it just doesn’t seem fair to the rest of us mere mortal types? Yeah, that’s Mr. David.

David plays guitar, drums, bass, piano, ukulele, sings and to top it off is a recording engineer….so there’s that! We haven’t asked…but he could probably play the spoons and juice-harp if given the chance.

He started playing guitar at age 11, drums at 13 and then recording/producing at 14. He holds an Audio Engineering degree though the Recording Connection Audio Institute and has been involved as an artist with 6 different groups/solo-acts releasing 15 projects between them all.

Oh…and he’s performed all over SoCal. You know, places like The House of Blues, Soma, Epicenter, Chain Reaction & The Jumping Turtle to name a few. He’s also got range stylistically…from Indie-Rock & Pop to Church/Worship to Electronic/House & Experimental.

And if all that doesn’t get your “wow-meter’ rockin’….he’s also a super awesome guy and an incredible teacher. We’re stoked he’s chosen to be a part of our Coastal Music Team and hope you get the chance to study with such a talented artist.

Miss Hilary | Voice

Miss Hilary

Miss Hilary grew up in a musical home…playing the piano handed down from her Grandmother as a young child…and stealing her dad’s guitar in Jr-High to learn how to play and read chord charts and lead sheets…then singing in choirs, musical theatre and performing groups throughout the high-school and college years.

She was a Vocal Performance major at Northern Arizona University and toured internationally before making her way to California to pursue a career in music.

Hilary currently performs regularly as a Worship Leader in venues from SoCal to Montana. She also sings and performs in a Django/Gypsy Jazz Ensemble called the Blood Moon Gypsies.

So…all her incredible qualifications aside…we love having Miss Hilary on the Coastal Music Team because she adores her students and is all about helping them find their voice and grow in their confidence as vocalists and performers.

Mr. Matthew | Piano

Mr. Matthew

It all started at 3 years old…Mr. Matthew was turning pages, banging out notes and starting to play piano. Once he learned his first piece, there was no turning back.

By age 13 he was studying piano at the local university, BYU. This is where the dream of becoming a professional musician began. Through college, Mr. Matthew continued to refine and develop his musical skill-set through ongoing instruction and working as a performer and studio musician.

Today he is teaching and performing and completing his Music Education degree at SDSU…along with being dad to 2 incredibly awesome kiddos.

Accolades and experience aside…Mr. Matthew is one of the most incredibly kind and intuitive educators we know. He has a keen ability to engage with students right where they are…all the while helping them on their own personal musical journey.

You know you want to…so come learn piano with Mr. Matthew…he’s seriously legit!

Mr. Ethan | Guitar, Bass & Ukulele

Mr. Ethan

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Miss Sarah | Piano

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Miss Verity | Voice

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Mr. Bryce | Voice

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Miss Emma | Drums, Guitar, Bass & Ukulele

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Miss Traci | Piano

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Mr. Randy | Guitar, Bass & Ukulele

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Mr. Jon | Voice

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Admin Team

Mr. Chris | Studio Manager

Substitute Teaching Team

Mr. Blake | Guitar & Drums
Mr Kieran
Mr. Kieran | Guitar

NOTE | Our team of music professionals are not just highly qualified musicians and educators, we vet every instructor and run extensive criminal history and background checks on everyone working in our studio.

Your child’s safety is our #1 priority!