Online Lessons

We are very excited to offer Virtual Live Lessons online for our students!

If you would like to sign-up for lessons online, please email or call the studio today and we’ll get you rockin’.
First lesson is FREE!

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INSTRUCTIONS: (Click Here for a detailed info sheet)

  1. Click on your “Teacher’s Name” from the list below a couple minutes before your scheduled lesson time…this directs you to your ZOOM lesson
  2. Follow online directions to launch ZOOM (it’s free for you to install & use)
  3. Wait for your teacher to welcome you into the lesson
  4. Have Fun & Make Amazing Music!!!

Click On Your Teacher’s Name

Miss Clair | Voice & Piano

Miss Hilary | Voice

Miss Liz | Piano

Miss Pam | Piano

Miss Sarah | Piano

Mr. Brady | Piano

Mr. David | Guitar, Drums, Bass & Ukulele

Mr. Ethan | Guitar, Bass & Ukulele

Mr. Greg | Guitar, Bass & Ukulele

Mr. Matthew | Piano

What You Need… (Click Here for a detailed info sheet)

  • Stable Internet Connection
  • Computer Device
    • 1st Choice…Laptop, Chromebook or Desktop Computer
    • 2nd Choice…iPad, Tablet or Phone
  • Headphones w/ Microphone attached (like we use with our phones)
  • Bluetooth Speaker or CD Player to play MP3s if you’re singing/playing to trax (you can also playback MP3s in a separate app/window on your computer.)

Technology Notes & Troubleshooting

  • Chrome is the most stable browser
  • You may need to enable/allow Zoom or Chrome to use your Camera & Microphone