Uke Camp 2018

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Ukulele Camp: July 9-13, 2018
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM  |  Ages 6-12

We’re just gonna go ahead and say it…Ukulele Camp is gonna be off-the-hook this year!!!

We’ll be writing songs together and learning the names and numbers of the strings…not to mention discovering cool chords, rhythms, strumming patterns and tunes we can play on the Uke. Oh…then we get to play and sing around a Beach Bonfire at the end of the week. Don’t miss out on some Peace, Love & Uke!

PLEASE NOTE: Campers need their own Ukulele. We can help you find a good quality Uke, just contact the studio.

Über-EarlyBird Price: $195 (pd by 5/15)
EarlyBird Price: $225 (pd by 6/15)
Regular Price: $245
Siblings: $145 (please call To register siblings)



Each child is unique in their development and there are many kinds of intelligence and giftedness…so how the heck do you know if your precious young prodigy is ready for piano lessons?

Perhaps they exhibit an internal readiness or musical intuition and ambition…but are they really ready for the mental and physical mechanics of playing an instrument? You know…you’ve got a budding superstar who’s bound to become a the next Mozart, Chopin, Elton John, or YouTube Sensation…but first they’ve got to be able to press down the right keys with their cute little fingers.

As a general rule…we typically find that kids somewhere between 3 1/2 to 6yrs old can be ready to take piano lessons. There are always the exception to any rule…and we’re happy to talk with you about your child to see if a readiness evaluation may be a good first-step.

So here are some basic readiness assessments that can be helpful in determining if your child is ready to start taking piano lessons…


  1. Can your child recite and recognize the letters A thru G…even if out of alphabetical sequence?
  2. Are they able to recognize and remember finger names and numbers?  (ie: thumb, pinky, pointer)
  3. Can your kiddo count to 10?
  4. How are they with recognizing patterns?


  1. Can your mini-me hold a writing implement?
  2. Where is your child in their development of fine motor skills/dexterity?
  3. How about isolating individual finger movements?  Can they do this without resorting to one-finger key depression?


  1. Is your adorable cherub able to be engaged and stay relatively focus for a 30 minute piano lesson?
  2. Are they able to take direction and be respectful of the teacher and instrument throughout the lesson?
  3. Has this youngster been asking to take lessons or showing particular interest in music and/or musical instruments?


  1. Are you willing to commit to regular practice times at home?
  2. If your child is not a reader…or is a young reader…are you willing to sit with them during each practice time to go through their practice planner, answer questions and help encourage them and follow practice guidelines?
  3. Do you have a piano or keyboard? Or are you willing to invest in one to have at home for regular practice?

When you feel your kiddo is ready to give it a go…there are a couple options for lessons as you get started. We recommend weekly lessons to build on concepts through consistent reinforcement and offer two approaches to best serve a wide range of student learners. Check out each option below:

Weekly 30min Private One-On-One Piano Lessons
Weekly 1hr Group Piano Classes

We would love to answer any other questions you have. Don’t hesitate to ask…we’re all about taking this wonderful musical journey together!

Give us a call today at 760-237-8212. 

President’s Week Edition
A Camp For Children With Special Needs
Ages 6+up

The Shine Project Foundation and the Coastal Music & Arts Foundation have generously offered to sponsor this camp and scholarship 12 students to attend free of charge.

CLICK THIS LINK or call 760-237-8212 to register…

Discovery Arts Camp | President’s Week Edition
February 19-21, 2018  |  9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

A one-of-a-kind here in North County…an Arts Camp designed just for children with special needs!!! Working together with The SHINE Project Foundation and the Coastal Music & Arts Foundation, we have a team of talented specialists slated to help open up a world of creative discovery. Campers will be able to experience and play music, move…dance…sing and create art together in a safe and nurturing environment.

Each day Campers will rotate through 3 Creative Learning Centers…Music, Art & Dance…we’ll also incorporate a Snack & Sensory Break. Our instructors are working professionals in their respective fields with experience serving children with special needs. The goal is not only to learn ‘about’…but to experience through ‘doing’ and encourage discovery…allowing the creative within to shine!


PARENTS NOTE: There will be a minimum 2/1 Ratio of Campers to Teachers/Aids. We will reach out to every family after you register to determine any specific needs and requests. We’ll do our absolute best to accommodate everyone that is interested, however, in some instances we may require students to bring their own aide/caregiver. To get specific questions answered prior to registration, please email Cheryl Williams, [email protected]

Sponsored by…

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Here’s a little info about our Discovery Arts Camp Instructors:

Kayliana Reeves is a dance instructor/choreographer specializing in hip-hop. She grew up performing on dance competition tours and recently finished a dance instructor certificate program with Mira Costa College. She has a wide range of dance experiences in performance and guest-teaching venues, as well as self-produced videos online. Miss Kayliana has been teaching standard hip-hop classes and some special needs classes at Ariel’s Dance Studio in Oceanside for the past 3 years. When asked about teaching at Discovery Arts Camp, she said, “Few people know that I am a high-functioning special needs person myself. I have a joint/muscle condition called Hypertonia. I understand how important it is to focus on ‘ability’ instead of ‘dis-ability’ and the simplest route of inspiration is to have fun!”

The Artcadian is an innovative art studio in South Oceanside, and they are bringing visual arts fun to Discovery Arts Camp. Instructors focus on projects that are multisensory, fun, and creative. Their studio offers classes for students of all ages and is always welcoming to special needs students.

Jacob Sherreitt is a Southern California native with nearly 20 years playing music. He teaches K-6 music enrichment at Paul Ecke Central elementary and serves the whole student population, including students with physical and mental disabilities. Last summer Mr Jacob worked for Encinitas Union District’s Extended Year Program as an instructional aide in a Special Needs classroom and led music enrichment activities several times a week. When asked about teaching at Discovery Arts Camp, he said, “I think music is at its best when it is interactive, enjoyable, and inclusive.”


Regie Hamm In Concert

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Coastal Music Studios is proud to present
Regie Hamm, Live in Concert!

 Admission: FREE

Date: Saturday, October 7th @ 7:00 PM

Venue: Coastal Music Studios
425 South Coast Highway
Oceanside, CA 92054

Regie is an incredible songwriter and artist, and he is bringing his Pass-The-Hat Tour to California.

This means we will “Pass-The-Hat” at the end of the concert. If you’ve had the Time Of Your Life…hook him up…if you got nothin’ but lint in your pockets, it’s on the house!

A hit songwriter, artist and producer, Regie Hamm has penned over 20 #1 hits, many of them in Christian music. He hit the Billboard Top 20 as an artist in 2003, and later went on to see his solo-written song “Time Of My Life” (sung by 2008 American Idol winner David Cook) stay at #1 for 4 months on the pop charts, making it the longest running number one pop song by a Nashville based songwriter in history – beating out Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You” by one week. Oprah called it the “official theme song of the 2008 Summer Olympics,” and David Cook announced that with the song, Regie had hit a chord with people.

But the real story of Regie’s personal journey has had all the twists, turns, and drama of a Hollywood movie. He was raised in Pentecostal churches, tent revivals, and all night singings. But rose from those humble beginnings to experience unprecedented success in the music industry, writing 16 number one hits from 1994 to 2000. With Grammy and Dove nominations, and winning SESAC’s Songwriter of the Year award four times, Regie was about to launch into that same stratosphere as a pop artist signed to Universal Records.

Nothing would prepare him, however, for the drama he would face in adopting a little girl from China in 2003, embarking on a 5 year oddessy to discover her severe genetic disorder, watching his life and a career spin out of control and finally landing on the other side in the rarest of places. Regie and his family have experienced the highest of highs …and the lowest of lows, and have overcome enormous obstacles on a journey that would test not only their physical resources and their faith, but their very sanity. Regie Hamm’s amazing story is chronicled in his book, Angels & Idols, and has recently been optioned for a Hollywood film.

A benefit concert by kids to help kids here in San Diego & around the world!

Sunday, May 21st, 2017 @ 6:30 PM

Truax Theatre @ El Camino High School
400 Rancho Del Oro Dr | Oceanside, CA 92057

Tickets:  (click link to purchase online)
$10 – General Admission
$40 – V.I.P. Seating

Join us for a fun evening of music…with performances by incredibly talented and dedicated kids from North County. We are excited to partner with the SHINE Project Foundation for this concert…all proceeds from this event will go to sponsor children with special needs so they can attend a Summer Arts & Music Camp at no cost to them.

Featuring performances from these amazing groups:
** North County Children’s Choir
** Coastal Music Showcase Bands & Soloists
** Carlsbad Community Theatre’s Showcase Company

For fans of our annual Christmas 4 Kidz Christmas Concerts, you won’t want to miss this exciting concert featuring modern music and standards that will make your heart soar.

For more information or to purchase tickets, contact Coastal Music Studios at 760-237-8212, or email us at [email protected].